Construction Standards

General Conditions

  • An initial survey to confirm lot corners
  • An as-built survey to show the completed house as it’s constructed on the lot
  • Builders Risk insurance to cover the complete project during construction
  • A complete (3rd party) home inspection packet (banks call them PURs)
  • An onsite porta-can for a clean and professional job site (in subdivision or on-site)
  • A water well 100’ in depth with a well pump
  • Permanent MEA and Enstar connections, up to 75’ in distance (winter builds excluded)
  • We cover the cost of utility use during the construction process
  • Water test, which tests for E. coli coliform. (Typical water test for lender requirements)
  • A “big blue” in-line water filter


  • Complete excavation package includes lot clearing for a 75’ driveway, 30’ clearance around the house, stacking the logs, excavation, and backfill of the foundation, HDPE waterline buried approximately 10’ in depth from the well to the house, a 3 bedroom gravity feed septic system (or sized for house plan), and a final grade with 2 loads of D1 for the driveway.
  • Custom foundation per the plans, with optional upgrade details included for specific client selections such as tall ceilings, retaining walls, gun vaults, concrete patios, sidewalks, patios, piers for decks, etc.
  • Garage slabs are sloped to garage doors to avoid puddling. Extra drains can be added.
  • The front entry edge of the garage slab is sloped to shed water
  • Control joints are included on the concrete slabs when large enough to need them.
  • Plastic (vapor barrier) is installed under concrete slabs to reduce moisture infiltration from the ground and to reduce the potential of radon gas entering the home through cracks in the concrete.
  • Exterior concrete has additives to make it resilient to the freeze/thaw cycles in Alaska
  • Exterior deck supports are “frost free” piers, which impede frost jacking and help keep decks flat and stable year-round.

Building Structure

  • All wood that touches concrete is pressure-treated, cedar, or all-weather wood.
  • Stiffer floors with engineered floor joists, adequate beam sizing and spacing, and glue lam beams are used to minimize shrinking or settling.
  • Vaulted interiors and 9’ tall main floor ceilings are considered standard, but technically vary per specific home design. Upstairs of some plans may be an 8’ ceiling, depending on the plan.
  • 2×6 exterior wall construction with studs 16” on center
  • Energy heel trusses, which addresses the age-old heat loss area on the roof (usually the reason for icicles on older homes)
  • 16” overhangs with “look outs” cut in for additional stiffness for snow load and/or uplift
  • A vented roof system (not a “hot roof”) which allows moisture to escape from an attic without causing substantial ice buildup inside or outside the roof assembly
  • High quality house wrap(Tyvek), which allows the wall assembly to breathe, but keeps liquid water out
  • Vycore weather proofing at windows.
  • Properly installed window, roof, and deck flashings
  • OSB Smart Lap siding on front of homes
  • Enclosed soffit above any porch roof (not the entire house), unless indicated on the plans
  • A lifetime warranty architectural shingled roof, with a 5-year labor warranty and a 130 MPH wind guaranty.
  • Metal drip edge included on the entire roof perimeter
  • Windows are vinyl double pane, argon filled. *A Last Frontier Contracting home typically has 30% more windows than other homes
  • Upgraded garage overhead, smooth panel doors (when available, most of the time)
  • Electric openers are included for each overhead door, with WiFi compatibility
  • Exterior Front door are a craftsman or a 3 light door, we do offer upgraded front doors options as well.

Mechnical Systems


  • Brushed nickel fixtures, with option to upgrade to chrome, oil rubbed bronze, black, or gold
  • Granite or quartz countertops with undermount sinks
  • Walk-in shower in the master bathroom with a single shower head. Other bathrooms have a tub/shower unit. Plans will show shower or tub.
  • “On-Demand” domestic hot water heater will be mounted on a wall in the garage
  • Sink locations are shown on plans *Last Frontier Contracting homes come standard with under mount sinks!
  • Toilet locations are shown on the plans *Last Frontier Contracting homes come standard with elongated bowls and high seating.
  • Heating:
  • An upgraded 97% ultra-efficient modulating gas furnace, with ducted supply and return airs. Modulating means the furnace can adjust its BTU output depending on weather conditions, which keeps the unit operating at peak efficiency. The heat ducts are fully seam sealed, which helps provide a controlled environment in the living space.
  • An HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) is the most energy efficient method of providing fresh air to a home. Our HRV system is a “fully integrated” system, which means that it doesn’t require the furnace motor to be in use to operate, it has a dedicated blower motor. We also specifically design the HRV system to exhaust air from kitchen bathrooms, and the master bedroom. An HRV is an additional cost, but they are highly recommended.
  • A gas fireplace is included on plans that include a fireplace. Fireplaces offer a nice ambiance and backup heat.


  • Our electrical package can be expanded to include upgrades that are typically requested during the electrical walk through. This is for items added during the electrical walk- through that are in addition to the base, code-compliant needs.
  • A separate lighting allowance is included, and calculated at $1 per square foot, plus $100 in the garage.
  • A generator transfer switch provides a fallback option in the event of a power outage. Simply plug in your generator and keep your home from freezing and your refrigerated cold. This is an upgrade option.

Energy Efficiency

  • 5 Star energy rating or better (depending on house design).
  • Insulation standards are to current building code requirement or better.
  • Trussed ceiling insulation is upgraded from the code compliant.
  • Raised heel trusses (11 ¼” or greater) gives space for additional insulation directly above the exterior walls, where roof lines allow.
  • Perimeter insulation on the garage foundation for a conductive thermal break
  • On-Demand hot water heater and 97% efficient modulating gas furnace are included
  • HRV option

Interior Finishes

Quality over Quantity! You don’t see Last Frontier Contracting building 20 plus homes a year, why? So we can keep your home a quality built home. Every home we design and build for our clients a custom home. YOU get to pick or design the floor plan and see your home come together along the way with all YOUR special touches such as paint colors, flooring, cabinets, countertops, lights, accent walls, and much more!

  • Sheet rock all walls and ceilings, with an orange peel texture, and chamfered corners. Last Frontier Contracting was one of the first builders to bring the chamfered corner into Alaska. We do NOT leave our garages looking unfished with only fire tape. Garage walls and ceilings will be single stage sheetrock, painted primer white to keep it bright!
  • Interior paint has a base color and white ceilings. Closets will be bright white or body color.
  • Interior trim is a high end MDF paint grade. An upgraded Wood trim packs is an option!
  • Exterior paint is a three color paint scheme: body, gable, and trim. All exterior doors are painted.
  • Standard allowance for tile can be found on our allowance sheet (plan specific). The supplies and install are included.
  • The master bathroom walk-in showers that have tile floor pans have tile to the 9’ tall ceiling. Master showers with shower pans have tile up to 7’ tall. Benches and shelves are an upgrade.
  • Engineered (LVP) flooring material allowance is $3.29 per square foot, including foam padding (if required).
  • Carpet materials/padding/installation allowance is $2.90 per square foot
  • All windows are sheet rock wrapped with windowsills. Full trim casement windows is an upgrade option.
  • Interior doors are 3-panel craftsman-style, or similar.
  • Box-style floating mantel above the fireplace (paint grade). We offer other options as well.
  • White closet and pantry shelves are installed, per plans.
  • Cabinetry allowance is plan specific for all custom cabinetry.
  • Granite or quartz countertops are included.
  • Kitchen appliance allowances are plan specific.
  • A final interior construction house cleaning will be provided at job completion.

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