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Brian Turner, Owner of Last Frontier Contracting, was born and raised in Alaska. Growing up in a remote lodge in Alaska, Brian understands all the challenges of remote work along with what mother nature can bring, giving him a wealth of knowledge and understanding of logistics and skills required to tackle projects at any location in Alaska, on or off the road system.

Not only did Brian Grow up in a lodge, but he also grew up on the road system working for his father’s well-known Construction Company, GT Construction, where Brian worked on new construction homes swinging a hammer since he could walk, from Anchorage to Wasilla and all the towns between. When his father retired from home building, Brian quickly started up his own company to continue his generation of love for home building and construction.

Brian brings with him over 20 years of bush flying around Alaska, understanding all aviators’ needs for hangar homes, and enjoys working with similar clients who share the love of aviation. Brian Enjoys flying, fishing, hunting, boating, skiing, and hiking in the great Alaska outdoors.

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